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5 stunning wedding dress trends for 2023

“But doesn’t every bride want to look exquisitely unique and one in a million instead of following what everyone else is wearing?”

I get you.

We want to make you look elegant, timeless and uniquely yours for the big day, a dress that makes you feel amazing and confident even anytime in the future when you look back at your wedding photos.

But today, I want to show you how using 5 stunning dress trends for 2023 can fulfil the dream of achieving an impeccable bridal look without wasting your time going through a long list of bridal boutique visits.

All you have to do is to keep these designs in mind and you will be on your way to looking stunning on the big day!

i) Sleeves

The “glory days” of plunging necklines seem to have reached their decline…

at least if you are someone who like to bare some skin, it is advisable to keep it for an open back design instead (we will come to that later)

Unless you are talking about some Hollywood Met Gala and the plunging neckline is meant to get as much airtime and publicity as possible, otherwise you might want to consider this modest option of the sleeves design.

However, the wedding dress with sleeve opens up an myrid of possibilities in terms of style. The balloon “puff” sleeves with a vintage inspired vibe has been a huge trend since 2 years ago and it has not shown any signs of weakening. Check out Rosa, our puffy sleeves A-line gown with handbeaded sash and dainty champage lace.

If you are not into puffy sleeves which your makes your arms bigger than it is, then the slender fit sleeves would be an alternative option.  The pure elegance can easily be achieve with a Chantilly lace sleeves.

ii) Open Backs

I promise you this is not going to be awkward. Don’t worry about having enough breasts support for a moment. Open back wedding dresses have been trending for awhile now but not everybody knows how this style can help you show off some skin while keeping it effortless.

You see, we all have different triggers when it comes to making a decision on the dream dress! Then, the big question is how do we know which is the dress when it comes to the most important day of your life?

And trust me again on how an open back dress can make your wedding day as memorable as possible.

iii) High necks/Halter necklines

You might be thinking this is just one of those wedding dress designs out there but to me, the high neckline or halter neckline made a world of difference.

Sometimes, all we need is a little X-factor to get ourself excited about something. And a high neck halter dress could be it!

You could be spending trips to boutiques trying to find the perfect dress, but if you do not know a high neck halter dress is flattering, then you will be starting on the wrong foot.

As a wedding dress designer, I am hoping this stunning dress trend will be here to stay for more years, because I had the privilege of dressing so many satisfied brides with an edgy high neck halter dress.

iv) Capes

You could be at the end of the wedding dress selection journey and have never tried on this style. It is not uncommon to skip a dress with a cape design due to it being unconventional or looking a little pretentious for a wedding dress. But the cape designs are having a lot of recognition with haute couture designers due to the luxurious amount of fabric required to craft full length and flowy cape.

No matter what you think of the cape wedding dress design, it seems like the world of bridal fashion has turned to the unconventional. But hey, what if this turns out to be exactly what you are looking for? A conservative design but sparkly and luxurious.

v) Short dresses

Let’s face it… There’s a lot at stake when short dresses became trendy. Besides it being deemed as a cheaper option to the longer full dress, short wedding dresses give a casual vibes. I don’t know about you, for me personally, there’s probably not a better feeling when it comes to short wedding dresses because brides are on a week-long celebratory mode when it comes to their wedding. Now they want the playful bachelorette parties, they want a reception dress so that no one sees the actual one before the grand entrance. They don’t want their guests to leave so quickly the next day, hence the after parties! When I decided to create an entire collection of short dresses called MINI, it isn’t just another design to fill the collection!

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